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"The aim of the following collection of texts is to prompt a greater awareness of the rights and needs of older LGBTI+ adults and other underserved communities. It is intended to be an educational tool for health professionals in particular. The expectation is that it will be the starting point for an ongoing digital forum where the conversation can continue and new perspectives, research and best practices can be added. Enjoy the reading."


Alexandre Kalache

Introduction to the diversity of LGBTI+ ageing

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    Título: Introduction to the diversity of LGBTI+ ageing

    Organizadores: Carolina Rebellato, Margareth Cristina de AlmeidaGomes e Milton Roberto Furst Crenitte

    Ano: 2022

    Edição: 1ª edição

    Idioma: Inglês

    Especificações: Arquivo em formato .epub

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